Clan Communications In Northgard

“We have established contact with a new clan” Alright So, how long do we have to wait? And can we build something useful? Let’s pause for a moment. Something to defend ourselves with perhaps Yeah. Defence tower But I assume that takes…. No, that does not take a slot in the area, alright Can we use our stone for anything? Let’s see what actually requires stone? Nothing? None of these seems to require stone “15, allows you to recruit a lore master who will produce lore” So, research basically That requires 15, we’ll wait to get 15 then Let’s build a defence tower, because it sounded like we’ll need one We are however losing some crowns at the moment +2 from town hall, -3 from building upkeep Might want to do something about that Trading post? Or market place We want to earn crowns, not spend them. Which means trading post Over here Alright Off you go then to

Get to work. Chop-chop. Did this guy actually heal himself a little? I can’t tell, maybe? Oh, I can just tell them to go heal themselves. I think? Will he actually do that? Oh no, that will just turn him into a healer. Right, whoops! I mean, that’s okay! Yeah, now he is back at full health so they just heal themself standing around doing nothing apparently. Alright If you say so How’s the timer. New villager: Almost there We are at zero happiness We are gaining food But still loosing crowns, until we finish the trading post And almost 15 stone We can probably reassign our miner for now Once we are done with the stone And construction is complete. So, you will be a merchant, or a trader And winter time We are under attack. Okay, hold on. Our guy is over here. I hope one will be enough That’s a draugr. 10 attack and 50 resistance. I like that regular villagers are not completely defenceless But we lost one guy, from the looks of it.

Hey, that means fewer mouths to feed! Right? That’s my version No healers anymore We just need to grab one villager We are still gaining some food despite the fact it’s winter time Alright So, how about that defensive tower? It looks like we’ll need more than one So, defence tower Where do we want to build it first? Maybe somewhere over here? Yeah I don’t think we’ll be expanding in this direction, especially with these massive guys over there So let’s just build a defence tower, right here We’ll be expanding through here, towards the fertile land “Construction waiting for a builder”. Yeah, I know. But thanks for the update! Off you go “An unknown clan has reached the title of Thane”. Yeah, we’re not doing that great compared to them. (Marbozir laughing) But that’s okay! I don’t expect much from the first game. But this seems interesting so far. Anyone still in need of healing? I don’t think so Looks like they are all at full health. How about we reassign the healer then. To something else. We could turn him into a warrior and go kill things. Yeah, how about we expand into a new area and maybe grab that iron So, we’ll have to go through here What’s this again? Ruins. Right, up to three buildings Draugr thombs. “Colonize this area to gain 50 fame”. Alright.

Oh yeah, how about that armoured bear? Let’s grab one Yeah, that looks pretty awesome Stats are a little better. 10 attack power and 187 + 19 resistance I like that What were the bonuses exactly? “Having an armoured bear or a shield maiden in an area increases local production by 15%” But it requires 200 fame “The bear awakens:” (let’s pause for a moment) “You gain +5 fame per enemy unit killed in an area with the shield maiden, requires 500 fame” Okay So, we need 200 fame asap Then we’ll get a 15% bonus So the best way to ge more fame would be colonizing the draugr thombs from the looks of it I mean, we need to colonize in this direction anyway if we want to grab the iron and eventually the fertile land Let’s just do it, we have enough food There’s no need to wait We’ve been waiting long enough, probably And we’ll move in with the bear, just in case they’ll attack us. Which they might.