Most Memorable 3DS Strategies

Fire Emblem Fates: Special Edition When it comes to the ultimate Fire Emblem Fates experience, this special edition should make you love this entry even more. Strapped into this one cartridge are all three routes called Birthright, Conquest and Revelations. Extra features also include an Artbook and a console accessory. Known for being the best RPG on the 3DS, Fire Emblem Fates has exceeded everyone’s expectations due to their deep tactical turn based combat and intriguing story. Customize your character and let it loose in an RPG adventure that varies in each of the game’s routes. Birthright was meant to be a good starting place for new players while Conquest was intended for the veterans. Revelations, however, serves as the middle-ground.

Among the routes, only Revelations is available as a downloadable content while the others have their own physical release. Players who own one of it isn’t required to buy the special edition. But for players who want the complete experience, then this should give you more insight to the game’s bigger picture as each route focuses on a different perspective. It’s a good opening to our list, and it has a PlayScore of 7.80 9. Dillon’s Rolling Western: The Last Ranger It’s high noon yet again as Dillon the cowboy armadillo rolls around for another bout of action-packed Grock smashing. A sequel to Vanpool’s first Rolling Western title, The Last Ranger will look vastly familiar for players of the first game. It offers almost the same gameplay, looks, and controls as the original. But, while it looks similar, it also comes with a range of new, albeit subtle improvements to enhance the desert-rolling experience. As the walking rock monsters head towards the villages, it’s up to Dillon to save their precious cows from doom. While he’s always ready to smash them with his speed and natural armor, you’ll still need a bit of strategy to outwit the stubborn Grocks.

Collect resources during the day, arm your towers with the best weapons, and place them in optimized positions–all before the Grock’s arrival at dusk. While the game takes a dip into tedium, its improved visuals, larger world, and charming personality is easily enough to win over the strategy fans on the 3DS. It has a PlayScore of 7.8. 8. Pokemon Battle Trozei A sequel to the 2005 puzzle game from the Nintendo DS, battle and collect Pokemon in this fast-paced puzzle-strategy game. At first, nobody was expecting this and for a game that centers around turn-based elements, this was really a surprise. Pokemon Battle Trozei or Pokemon Link Battle is a match-three puzzle game similar to the Japanese mobile game Puzzle & Dragons. To play the game, players must battle the Pokemon plastered on top of the grid. Using its elemental weakness, use the appropriate element to take it down. It’s a rock-paper-scissor kind of style but it uses Pokemon’s iconic elements. Featuring over 700 Pokemon including the one’s from X and Y, there’s over multiple ways to take down each of them. Match 4 or more to reap ultimate results, or simply summon Ditto to aid you in its strategic grid-based puzzle.