Online Gambling Regulation

Antigua Considering Moving Forward on Piracy

It seems that the US government has their head so far you know where that they truly cannot see the forest for the trees. The World Trade Organization has already awarded the country of Antigua in the online gambling case they brought against the US, but that does not seem to concern them at all.

With the US continuing its ban of online gambling payment processing, the government of Antigua has threatened to move forward with their rights as awarded to them by the WTO but the government is refusing to budge. They have told the US that they are going to move forward with the abrogate intellectual property treaties with the US by the end of March which would entail them authorizing wholesale copying of American movies, music and other ‘soft targets’.

They have asked the Bush administration to work with them to settle a trade dispute that came about once the US attempted to ban online gambling, but they have not responded to their requests. This means that all movies, books, software, etc. would be able to be copied by those within the country and sold without a dime of it going back to the US.

Obviously groups such as the Motion Picture Association of America has been watching to see what the US is going to do about this as they are the group that would suffer the most. They say that something will need to be done about it for Antigua will only be the beginning of a much larger picture. Any country that has a beef with the US about the online gambling ban or any trade dispute could simply take what they want.

The people of Antigua say that it is not their purpose to punish the MPAA; however, they must have justification for the people of their island. With the US refusing to work with them and negotiate fairly the country has no other choice.

Patrick Loses Bid to Quash Online Gambling

Governor Deval Patrick may have found some more support in his effort to bring casinos to the state of Massachusetts but by trying to outlaw online gambling at the same time he managed to earn more enemies than friends. The online gambling supporters made their position well known and fought the ban at every twist and turn.

Many say that it was the vehemence with which online gambling supporters opposed his bill that ultimately led to its downfall, others say that it was simply one more nail in the coffin. However, the online gambling supporters, led by a large and powerful group of poker players, made it clear that they would not allow Mass. to become another Washington State.

Online gambling supporters led a march this week in protest of the legislation and said that they would not allow Mass. to create a monopoly for their casinos while throwing online gamblers in jail to suit their purpose. They said that sending online gambling supporters to jail was not what the people of the state wanted, and that the Governor should know better than that.

Many said that it was the fact that he was willing to allow casinos and gambling in the state but not allow online gambling that weakened his position. Had he just said that he would not allow gambling at all he would have had a better chance of getting it passed. Experts say that had he allowed for online gambling with his casino bill, he would not have met with the resistance that he did.

Barney Frank, a proponent of online gambling, said that the governor was simply looking to punish online gamers while inviting casino operators like bob casino to set up shop. He wanted to know why online gambling was so wrong but yet the state was willing to make money off of the casinos that he wanted to bring in.