Proper bankroll management

The vast majority of the beginners call too often and don’t fold and bet nearly often enough. While calling is not necessarily wrong, it often means you don’t know where you stand or what the best course of action is. Try to work on betting when you are likely ahead and folding when you are likely behind. Beginners who check and call the majority of the time end up gaining very little when they have a good hand and losing a lot when their opponent has them beat. You also allow your opponents to catch the miracle card they need on the river by adopting this play style.

Poker is a mix of luck and skill. If you play well you will make money in the long run. But in order to neutralise the luck effect as much as possible you need a safety mechanism. This safety mechanism/net is called bankroll management.

When practising proper bankroll management you can only take a fraction of your total money with you to any one table. That way, even if you run into some bad luck in the short term, you do not risk going broke. Bankroll management ranges from taking 2% of your total bankroll (all the money you have on the different poker rooms added up) to each table you play on to taking 5% of your total bankroll to any one table. The first is called conservative bankroll management, the second is called aggressive bankroll management. 3.3%-4% is the normal norm.

You have to take poker one step at a time. With sufficient work your bankroll will grow to levels where you can play high stakes eventually, you will not be stuck playing for small money for the rest of your life when playing disciplined and you are a lot less likely to ever go broke.

If you find playing tight is too boring for you, learn how to multitable. As a beginner you should stick to playing only very strong cards to make the decision making process easier. Firstly you should learn to pay attention to what the other players are doing, even when you are not involved in the hand.This means you will fold a lot more often than you’ll be playing, which might cause you to get bored. There are two things you can do to prevent this, using a combination of both would be the most beneficial.