Slowplaying in Poker

The slowplay (acting like your hand is weak while in reality it is very strong) can be a very profitable move in your arsenal against aggressive players, but only when used in the proper situations.

You might learn things about them that you can use to your own advantage during later hands and you can practise handreading, which is making estimated guesses of what kind of cards different players are holding depending on their actions.

Only when you know these basics and have mastered their use in every situation can you understand how to use unorthodox plays against specific opponents to create a more profitable situation than you would be able to achieve using standard plays.You have to keep in mind you are giving up the option to protect your hand when you decide to slowplay. You should therefore not slowplay your hand when it is valuable, mainly when there are a lot of straight- and/or flush draws possible which your opponent(s) might have.

You also need to remember players on the lower stakes call too often but rarely bet themselves. If you attempt to slowplay against these players you will just end up losing value. Only slowplay against aggressive players! The above shows that slowplaying is a viable option but should not become the standard way of playing. Consider all the factors before deciding which option is best.

Pocket Aces are still just one pair, Ace King is just ace high!
A lot of beginners fall in love with their hand preflop and can not manage to fold it after that point. Since pocket aces is the best starting hand combination possible you should try to get in as much money as possible before the flop. If this fails you need to be careful after the flop, especially against multiple opponents. It is still a strong hand with quite a bit of value but don’t fall in love with it and go broke in every situation against every player.

Going broke with Ace King that does not hit the flop is even worse, yet I see it all the time. You need to realize there can be a huge difference between the value of your hand preflop and the value of your hand on the flop. Ace high is a very weak hand and you should be very hesitant to invest any further money with it.